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                      What classification spring bed

                      We are in for a busy day of a body to pick the best partner. A high-quality mattress, is our dream. In today's market, mattresses, spring mattresses still dominant.

                      A high-quality spring mattress, very good body weight evenly distributed over the entire mattress, avoid any part of the body subjected to excessive pressure, better able to relax. Spring mattress can generally be divided into ordinary spring, independent pocket springs and active independent pocket springs three.

                      Ordinary spring mattress

                      Ordinary spring mattresses are made of different thickness of steel wire that can withstand high weight, the thicker the wire, the higher the hardness of the mattress. However, since the ordinary spring mattress spring link between each other, forming the frame, unable to move independently, and therefore can not fit the body curve, it is difficult to assign a reasonable weight, can not be good to release physical stress.

                      Pocketed spring mattress

                      Each spring pocket springs interfere with each other, can be individually moved, fit contours of the body and provide support; each spring using a nonwoven fabric bag individually put in, the greater the pressure on it, the greater the rebound . Each pocket springs independently of each other, so when one sleeps two people stand up, do not bother to sleep with.

                      Active pocket spring mattress

                      Compared with conventional pocket spring, pocket spring vigor in supporting the weight just will seem rather hard, but with the increasing weight of the weight, and the ability to ease the pressure of the spring it will become stronger. Between each envelope double linker between each spring to make room for the increase, more immune to outside interference, more suitable for people to use easily awakened.

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