Feel for husband and wife "beds" do not feel like Oh!

                      Husband and wife "beds" feel more comfortable

                      Chinese old saying goes: ten years of cultivation the same boat, a hundred years of cultivation bed can sleep. A husband and wife were sleeping habits unchanged for thousands of years. However, because each different sleep habits, a mattress is difficult to meet the needs of two people, therefore, through R & D, proposed: "sub-bed" concept couple.

                      Here the so-called husband and wife "sub-bed", not to say let the couple sleep in two separate beds, but to have been very popular in foreign countries of sub mattress. Some couples a great difference in weight or sleep very uneven, sleeping on the same mattress obviously can not meet the needs of two people, then they should choose sub mattress.

                      The so-called "sub-mattress" is defined by two equal-size mattress and then made the same mattress shape, thus ensuring perfect fusion joints. The difference is that the mattress hardness differ meet everyone's needs, to avoid turning the rock to bring mattresses, ensuring the couple can get restful sleep soundly.

                      At present all kinds of mattress mattress on the market usually one side of wool fabric, suitable for winter sleep, while the other side is pure cotton fabric, suitable for summer sleep. Health and comfort have both, in order to enjoy the most romantic couples night.

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