Mothers Please note: Do not choose the wrong mattress

                      Give mothers advice: Do not choose the wrong mattress

                      With each family will be on the extreme care baby mothers, mothers used are very particular about things, many families also specifically expectant mothers put on soft mattresses and bedding, hoping that mothers sleep better . But experts say such an approach is not correct! This is not good for pregnant women and babies. Why is this? Then what kind of mothers of the mattress it better?

                      First, the mothers, the side is a very good sleeping position, is not easy oppressed children, and more conducive to production. However, if too soft mattress for side sleeping posture is very bad, so easily lead to the mother's back bending, and adhere to this position a long sleep, can cause scoliosis.

                      Moreover, the use of too soft mattress, will increase the burden on the waist. Many mothers during mid-pregnancy, there will be a very serious back pain, on the one hand and the abdomen increases oppression lumbar spine, whereas on the other hand it is because sitting, prone long unscientific, resulting in nerve compression. Therefore, we must choose a good mattress, a good support efforts to reduce the burden on the waist cause, so the mother can have a more healthy and comfortable sleep.

                      In addition, mothers often at night sleep is not practical, you need to stand up, but too soft mattress will fully wrap the body. If you want to stand up it requires more effort, which for the purposes of mothers to add more trouble.

                      Therefore, experts suggest that mothers best not to choose too soft mattress; mattress wrong, it is difficult to support your body, keep you healthy sleeping position, but also has a great impact on the quality of your sleep.

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