How to choose brown mattress has three coup

                      Brown mattress purchase of three tips

                      Do you like a hard mattress to sleep? Are you more concerned about green issues mattress? If your answer is yes, then the palm mattress easy to do. The current domestic market, palm mattress palm coconut palm is generally divided into two kinds of mountains, their quality What's the difference? In fact they have only hard and soft points, did not differ much in the quality of the material. Well, is not brown mattress on the market are the same? Of course not, you want to buy palm mattress, you will have to look at would pick.

                      1. Identification of the quality depends on the glue smell glue

                      Brown mattress in the production process, need to use adhesive for bonding, high-quality brown mattress uses natural latex as a binder, harmless to human security, and some low-quality products is the use of chemical glue, will generate a lot harmful gases, and thus such a heavy mattress have problems, so when buying a brown mattress smelled News.

                      2, physical experience of feeling

                      Brown mattress in identifying quality time to learn, "a look at two press." "Look," is to see whether the appearance of the mattress uniform thickness, surface roughness, line marks proportioned and beautiful; "press", the mattress is hand-pressure test, pressure test the mattress first diagonal pressure because of acceptable quality mattress the emphasis is very balanced symmetrical diagonal bearing pressure, and then the surface of the mattress evenly pressure test, if it is filled evenly distributed, the rebound force balance, the better the quality of the mattress, otherwise poor.

                      3, to prevent counterfeiting Zongdian

                      Some unscrupulous manufacturers name on behalf of the mat, in essence, it is not a pure brown, and hemp, and even on the inside adds a bran, corn stalks and things like that, so that the mattress is not easy ventilation, use a long time, easy to breed bacteria and even snake and endanger human health. Therefore, in the purchase mat, you must be careful.

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