How to identify silicone latex mattresses and mattress

                      The difference between silicone and latex mattress mattress

                      Changing the type of mattress, mattress market in quite a mixed bag today, consumers do not have professional knowledge, it is difficult to distinguish real quality material. In recent years, some new materials have begun active in the market, and with the silicone latex mattress mattress is its environmental and health effects, etc., chill out.

                      Major businesses are saying their own latex / silica gel mattress is the best. In fact, silicone and latex mattress mattress did not say what's good or bad, but for their own consumption or not. Latex and silicone are the common mattress filler, there are some differences between the two Yes.

                      Latex mattresses

                      Latex is made from a rubber tree secretions, basically latex can be considered a natural product. History of human use latex range and fairly long and wide, the latex itself has a very good flexibility and support, and therefore is a very suitable material for use in the mattress. In general the need for good elasticity of the mattress will be recommended to Zeng into the mattress comfort. While taking advantage of its characteristics to achieve the support of the human body and the pressure dispersion effect, and natural and efficient use of its advantages is long. Normal maintenance of the latex product life of up to 8 - 9 years.

                      Silicone mattress

                      Silicone is an excellent shock absorber original material since silica can absorb the impact force and then slowly released, therefore, the use of silica gel on a mattress, there diastolic pressure effect. The silica gel at different temperatures, their hardness will change, such as the buttocks close contact with the mattress during sleep, and it is due to the waist curve of the body and the mattress has a slight gap, so the higher parts of the hip support , thus making this a soft silicone whom, and at the waist by a slight gap, therefore, the lower temperature portion, so here it harder silica, silica gel will make changes through the hard and soft mattress reach sculpture body curve effect. But this change is meticulous and shall be used for a long time before paid off.

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