Irresistible memory foam mattress Four Highlights

                      Four features of memory foam mattress

                      A variety of different materials mattresses vacated born, and introduce a different name so that we buy dazzled. From spring mattress, the mattress palm, and now latex mattress, memory foam mattress, diverse and varied. The following details about memory foam mattress.

                      Memory foam mattress, memory foam mattress using a means for the material, also known as memory foam slow rebound space material having decompression resistance, the slow rebound, thermal, breathable and anti-bacterial anti-mite properties.

                      Decompression of

                      Memory foam mattress mattress no reaction on the body, can be very good to eliminate the body's stress, people sleep on it just like floating in the clouds as comfortable, well into the deep sleep.

                      Slow Rebound

                      The so-called slow rebound material, under pressure compression, high resiliency slow rebound material will pressure human point of contact with the mattress balanced dispersion, to provide the most uniform support force, relax neck and shoulders and waist .

                      Temperature Sensitivity

                      Through improved memory foam material very sensitive to temperature, depending on the temperature of the human body can provide all parts of the appropriate hardness, perfect body shape, so that the natural curvature of the spine in order to get the rest and relaxation posture.

                      Breathable and anti-bacterial anti-mite

                      Open cell structure of memory foam material capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mites, long-term use is still health and safety, while it is also a material, breathing, sleep on it people will feel transparent, not hot.

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