Personalized new era science of sleep

                      The individual needs of a new era of science of sleep

                      We always sleep well find millions of reasons, such as work pressure, life and problems, noisy surroundings, etc., but we will never ask is not to change the mattress, change the pillow?

                      If one day, you accidentally walk into sleep one hundred museum, you will be invited to experience a sleep test, a small computer screen will show the shape of your body, you will be asked physical condition, lumbar, cervical how, this is the first step in the scientific mattress election - with a mattress when the whole family has become the era of the past with!

                      Science of sleep - is today's theory of sleep. The so-called science of sleep is the use of scientific methods to help you pick your own mattress! Not the best mattress in the world, only the most suitable mattress. Especially for women has always been picky consumers, which will accompany every night about their own personal things, but need to meet their individual needs.

                      Youthful curves charming girl, but the young body is required to have a dense load bearing capacity and moderate hardness mattress, do not be reluctant to give up the comfort and ease of maintaining the body in case of spinal dysplasia; if as a child like arbitrarily change sleeping position, more in need of mattress always gives you a perfect supporting.

                      If you like reading in bed, watch DVDs, play games, you need a mattress enough to Chengdu, or likely to cause depression. In addition, the girls should pay attention to skin care, easy to breed bacteria mites mattress will only make it difficult to sleep peacefully, high-quality mattresses selected high-grade fabrics, anti-mite anti-bacterial, you can create a comfortable sleeping environment .

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