How to distinguish quality brown mattress

                      How to distinguish brown mattress fish market

                      First, look to see brand identity

                      Domestic mattress manufacturers uneven, many so-called "brand" just fish in troubled waters. A guaranteed product, so that consumers can really buy rest assured that with peace of mind! The genuine product identification mattress has a registered trademark, manufacturing companies and even the manufacturer name and address, contact information, so if you see no name and address, registered trademarks and other information, such as the majority of products of inferior products for such products that we no longer consider them.

                      Second, look at the fabric look at technology

                      If you are using high-quality fabrics, the quilting elastic consistency, there is no obvious folds, corners arc symmetry, no phenomenon Lumao edges. When the weight of the hand mattress, the mattress is no internal friction sound, and feel comfortable. If the fabric is inferior, often hand-poor, and quilting craft casual, not very refined appearance.

                      Third, look at the filler

                      Hill brown mattress is produced by growing at an altitude of 2000 meters on the southwest mountain palm tree made of leaf sheaths, and its resistance to water corrosion resistance, excellent flexibility and toughness, dry air, cool. However, due to the natural ingredients - brown rare, high production cost mattresses, so counterfeiters is a false posing with coconut mat, flax mat or plastic foam pad posing natural brown mattress sale.

                      Coconut palm and mountain brown different? Coir mattress with tropical south China coastal or riparian growth coconut palm pericarp fiber made, though also natural green mattress, but its flexibility, toughness and breathability somewhat less than the brown mountains, and therefore its production costs than the mountains brown; brown mattress called hemp, hemp is based on the green, the main raw material made of jute, its elasticity, toughness and permeability are poor, easy to damp, insects susceptible to long-term use, easy to deform. Experts suggest that at the time of purchase should carefully distinguish, to avoid being taken.

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