Choose the right mattress to get three easy steps

                      When buying a mattress, they will see a variety of displays mattress, bed, pillows, quilts and other bedding varied, dazzling to see, I do not know where to choose. Buy a mattress, the most important is the right himself. ? How to choose the right kind of mattress it yourself is actually very simple, just three steps:

                      1, choose the right mattress material

                      Current mattress materials on the market are generally spring, latex, palm, etc., different material hardness is not the same, their endurance and permeability have their own merits.

                      Spring mattress is now the market is the main selling products, it has good permeability and impact resistance, hardness, and its efforts to support the human body are more reasonable; natural latex soft and full of elasticity, the entire body can provide accurate support, open-porous latex balloon structure, so that the air in the mattress to circulate freely, avoiding moisture to stay. Brown mattress treated, not too hard, not too soft, breathable permeable to maintain excellent performance, cool, hard mattress is like sleeping accommodation.

                      2, choose the right mattress firmness

                      People of different height and weight, suitable for different types of mattresses, so choose softness of the mattress according to the individual's physical condition. When the height and weight of the larger the number, the harder the mattress should be selected, petite lighter weight people should choose soft mattress.

                      3, lie down and try to sleep at

                      In the purchase of a mattress when lying on Purchasing Guide will be advised consumers to try, and many consumers simply hand or knee to feel the softness of the mattress, in fact, it should be according to your sleeping habits lie down. When lying down, we recommend hand flat into the shoulders, waist and buttocks, if none of the three considerable pressure, then under the mattress your body is the most appropriate.

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